Patients From Countries The World Over, Make Their Way To Dr. Jitendra Chowdhary Seeking World Class, Cost-Effective Healthcare. Sal Hospitals Is The Favored Health Care Destination For International Patient's Visiting From Over 100 Countries. To Offer Vital Services To Patients Far Away From Their Homes, Friends And Families, We Set Up An Office For International Patient Care. While Expert Medical Care Is Provided By Our Physicians, Sal International Patient Department Provide Personalized Attention And Make International Patients And Their Families Feel Comfortable During Their Stay At Sal Hospital Ahmedabad.

To Register As a Patient:

The First Step To Becoming A Patient At Sal Hospital Is To Contact Our International Patient Department. Our International Coordinators Are Fluent In Many Languages And Can Assist You In All Aspects Of Your Care. It Would Be Helpful If You Could Email Us Your Needs Along With Your Medical Records To info@jointstreatment.com Or Submit The Same In The Enquiry Page For A Second Opinion With Our Physicians. Once We Know About You And Your Needs It Will Help Us To Expedite The Process.

Our Manager And Coordinators Speak Many Languages And Assist Patients With A Variety Of Details Such As:

    -Scheduling The Appointments With Our Physician

    -Issue Medical Invitation For Visa Process

    -Travel and Accommodation

    -Receiving The Patients From The Airport

    -Escorting Patients During The Consultation With Doctors And To Procedures

    -Requesting Second Medical Opinions

    -Providing Information About Stay

    -Other Medical / Non-Medical Services

Submitting Medical Records

While Submitting Your Medical Records As Said Above, Please Make Sure That Your Records Are Complete, And Preferably In English, And Include All Relevant Scans, X-Rays And Test Results.

Visas & Passports

International Patients Will Need To Obtain A Visa (Depending Upon Their Home Country) To Enter India For Medical Treatment.Once We Receive The Patient's Medical Records Dr Jitendra Chowdhary Will Access The Same And Based On Their Input Sal Hospital International Patient Department Will Email You The Estimate For The Surgery / Procedure.Once The Patient Acknowledges Coming To Us For Treatment, The Patient Should Email The Scanned Copy Of Their Passport Along With An Escort If Accompanying.Based On Their Passport We Will Email Them The Medical Invitation Letter So That The Patient Can Process The Visa In Their Country / Embassy.We Can Assist With Tickets And Other Travel Arrangements And For Any Other Information Or Assistance You May Require, When You Decide To Seek A Treatment.

International Patient Care office

The International Patient Care office is equipped with modern communication equipment like email, fax, 24-hour helpline and staffed with trained coordinators. This office affords easy access to patients across the globe and it puts at ease the patient's anxiety relating to his travel and stay.

Appointment with Doctors

Our services begin even prior to patient's arrival in ahmedabad – appointments with the concerned doctors are coordinated.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. General Questions

Patients typically stay in the hospital two to three days following surgery. Some patients qualify for the RAPID RECOVERY PROGRAM. This accelerated rehabilitation program is for patients that are planning to be discharged to their home. Your surgeon and case manager can provide you with further details on this program and let you know if you qualify.

Your Preadmission doctor will assist you in selecting a recovery setting suitable for your needs. Many patients are able to discharge directly to their home. After-hospital recovery options include outpatient physical therapy, home care services (nursing and/or physical therapy) and skilled nursing facility rehab.

Our Patient Guides, provide essential step-by-step guidance on the joint replacement process including from how to prepare for surgery, what to expect after surgery in the hospital, recovery at home and important information for your family members. Other important information and videos of dos and donts and physical therapy are available through personal communication