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D.Ortho,DNB (Ortho),MNAMS. Fellow in Joint Replacement USA
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About Dr.Jitendra Chowdhary (Jain)...
Dr.Jitendra Chowdhary(Jain) with Dr.Boirardo
at St.Michaels Hospital NJ,USA
Dr.Jitendra Chowdhary (Jain) with Dr.Backstein
at Mt.Sinai Hospital, Tronto,Canada
 Knee Replacement Is Considered As The Best Surgery Of The Decade Because Of Its Consistent Positive Result In Surgery. This Is A Surgery Where Painful Joints Are Made Painless And Helps Patients To Improve Their Mobility; Which Keeps Patients Over All Healthy. There Will Be No Affect On Their Heart It Remains Healthy And Also Diabetes Will Be Under Better Control.
What is Knee Joint Replacement Surgery ?
 Knee Replacement Surgery Can Be Performed As Partial Or Total. It Consist Of Replacing The Diseased, Damaged Weight Bearing Surfaces Of Knee With Metal & UHMPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Components To Allow Continuous Pain Free Motion Of Knee Joint.
How Will I Know That I Need To See A Knee Surgeon?
 Continuous Knee Pain, Requiring Pain Killers Regularly, Hampering Activities of Daily Living.
Will All Knee Pain, Demand Surgery?
At What Age It Usually Happens?
 Usually 55 Years and Above For Old Age Arthritis. For Rheumatoid Arthritis Any Age.
How Can I Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery ?
 Regular Sporting Activities, Good Diet, Good Fluid Intake and Regular Knee Joint Specific Exercises.
How Many Days I Will Have Pain?
 Probably the Pain Would Be Minimal To Zero Pain For Three Weeks .
Will I Be Normal after Surgery ?
 Yes, After Three Weeks.
What Precautions I Should Take After The Surgery ?
 Exercises As Advised For 20 Minutes. Walking/Swimming Daily For More That Twenty Minutes. Follow Your Surgeons Advice; Any Fever, Report To Doctor Immediately And Any Surgical Procedure You Want To Undergo Inform Your Consultant. The Patient Can Not Do High End Sports.
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